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jack spania
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avispa, jep, marabunta, was
animal, insect
jack spaniajack spaniajack spaniajack spania
jack spanias Jun 21, 2013
just want to find out if u get bite if its dangerous
Diana York Jan 09, 2014
If stung, what are reactions?
Nick Jan 27, 2014
Marabunta (or Maribo) is not a synonym for a Jep, it's an entirely different insect. If you see a Maribo and swing at it, friends will soon follow; lots and lots of friends.
Richard John May 29, 2015
More like Jack Spenna
rich Jul 30, 2015
the brown one in trinidad is jack spaniard or jep. Marabuntas are black, smaller and the nest is a totally enclosed mud ball with small entry holes and generally found in trees
David knight Nov 05, 2015
I live in the good old usa of a, what happens if you get stung by one of these ? Do you need to get medical help right away or is it just like a bee sting
Rach Feb 22, 2016
In St. Vincent, Jack Spanya is fluorescent orange (for DANGER lol) and sting is not dangerous unless you are allergic, however, it feels like someone hit you with a sledge hammer when they do sting. Also, where one is many will follow and swarm if feeling threatened. Best to stand still and not swipe at it. If you have a problem with them at your house, a fake nest will make them leave.
Hurt Feb 23, 2016
I got bite and it hurt Wat to do
Rishi Apr 26, 2016
I got sting by a jep.sting wat to do
Abstrak268 May 03, 2016
A fake nest?! How that one work?
Nameless May 18, 2016
Wait a minute a wasp thought it was some type of wild bee?
Laplaine Apr 25, 2017
If stung what's the reaction ?
SISI May 01, 2017
I have been stung by a few of these as a child... it just hurts, nothing happens
VOUKA May 02, 2017
Ayy May 02, 2017
Yep you just get a bump which hurts
A non xenophobic May 04, 2017
Toothpaste...that's what the old folk say. Rub some on and it'll be good. Idk how it works but it eases whatever, i guess
Clara Baksh Mar 11, 2018
If stung put toothpaste on the area tha was stung
Patrick Sep 08, 2018
Know it as jack spanna ,if allergic to it you can run a fever but normally put some ice on it for the swelling and to get the stinger out of you
Dr. Joe Nov 09, 2018
Rub with deodorant. It will ease the Pain.
Dragon age Jan 09, 2019
one was ... Chasing me I did not know it was a wasp
Andre Feb 20, 2019
U just get Spaniard from a Jack
HumbleYouth Feb 24, 2019
Well I got stung on Saturday around 2 pm ..i was at the beach so instantly I went in the water you are supposed to put the ryme of any 3 bushes on the area ...squeeze out the lance man when it was 9pm my hand started paining alot not where I go stung but my elbow joints and my wrist and fingers that continued till Sunday evening with scratching rotation n swelling ..i didn't take out d lance :(
HumbleYouth Feb 24, 2019
It's a real painful experience really cramp my style
Lehi Apr 14, 2019
Well my dad is Grenadian 🇬🇩 . He said that he hasn’t seen any Jep “Jack Spanya” there, only Maribo. Jep stings aren’t fatal unless you’re allergic to it. Symptoms include head ache and slight fever for some. Rubbing toothpaste on the sting should do the trick 😊
k.a Apr 27, 2019
i know it as jack spania and mybone
Clifford Sep 29, 2019
These are being mixed up with wasps, The West Indies have these which are not what others call wasps.Look up Jack Spaniards on Google (pronounced Jack Spanya in TrinBago), usually Brown (or Orange), Black and some have a little mix of colour not as much yellow. As said not usually fatal but large swelling and lots of pain. Of course if a whole nest swarms no guarantees from me.
Kate Oct 25, 2019
I was stung by a Jack Spaniard, very bad reaction. Swelling, hives, developed venom poisoning. Spent 5 hours in the ER after flying home from USVI to the states. Benadryl is what you need! It’s been over a week since the sting and still suffering from the after effects. I need to carry an EpiPen now. Bees lose their stingers, wasps do not & can sting multiple times. Their stingers can
Kate Oct 25, 2019
Wasp stingers can break off though. They will continue to pump venom if left in. Don’t squeeze it out it will pump out venom. Scrape across the surface with a credit card or back of a knife.
Ad Nov 21, 2019
The Jack Spanya I know of do not have venom that can kill you unless you are allergic. Honestly if stung the only thing to worry about is the pain so yeah
AJ Dec 01, 2019
Have anyone ever heard about 100 miles Jep ? When I was young one bit me on the forehead. I got fever. This Jep was about 3 times the size of a wasp and all black. The nest was like a huge mud ball and sit about 80ft high up in a tree.
Jee Apr 20, 2020
I've been stung a lot of times trailing. I'm not dead 😉😉😉
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