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jamaican tody
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Found only in Jamaica, the Jamaican Tody (Todus todus) is a small and colourful bird, predominantly green above, with a red throat and yellow underparts, with some pink on the sides. It has a large head and a long, flat bill. It perches on small branches, with its bills unturned and, like its Cuban relative (the Cuban Tody), takes insects, larvae, and fruit. The Jamaican Tody nests in burrows, which it excavates in muddy banks or rotten wood.
rasta bird
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jamaican tody
torrane Mar 17, 2015
good looking bird
Glen Mar 27, 2015
In Jamaica its called Robin red breast.
Jovial Jan 15, 2016
Its also called robin.
Brian Jan 22, 2016
This bird also lives in Puerto Rico. It is called "San Pedrito" .Why you put it only lives in Jamaica is beyond me.
marcus Jan 26, 2016
The San Pedritro and Jamaican Tody are two different birds.