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Fruit, the size of an olive and purple in color. It can be eaten raw and is used to make refreshing drinks. It can also be eaten with sugar. It stains very easily.
A round fruit about the size of a tennis ball. It has a glossy leathery skin that is either green, purple, or some combination of the two colours. Inside is a purple and white milky flesh that exhibits a distinct star pattern. The fruit is sweet and eaten raw
food, plant, fruit
mel May 31, 2018
i think you are confusing starapple with jamoon. jamoon is the size of an olive not a tennis ball.
Rig Nov 30, 2018
This is known a Governor plum in Grenada, it's about the size of an olive and must be soften. Before eating the pulp
Candice Jan 26, 2020
This is most definitely not governor plum, neither is it star apple. In my country it is called Jamoon. Very delicious and also a bit sour. It is the size of an olive and grows on the trunk of the tree like the cannon ball fruit (Couroupita guianensis)
Gt gal Feb 01, 2020
It's Jamoon fren it's olive shaped not no tennis roll. You can use it to make juice or jam ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹. Beware it "STAINS"
Blackrose May 25, 2020
That looks nothing like a plum it looks like a olive n we call it in Barbados jamoon
Jewel Jun 13, 2020
Star Apple
Kevin Dec 09, 2020
That is NOT Jamoon/Jamun. Jamun is Java plum and black plum. That is Chrysophllum cainito, Star Apple
Michelle Jan 31, 2021
Not Jamoon
Rita Feb 24, 2021
The pictures are definitely Star Apple
Hailfrost456 Mar 16, 2021
Theyโ€™re not star apples.
Denise Jun 24, 2022
That fruit shown above is called star apple
Mark Nov 06, 2022
Clearly NOT jamoon. Not sure if Trinidad even have jamoon. Jamoon is a South American tree. This thing shown here is star apple. Could be green with white inside or purple with purple inside as well.