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john crow
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Turkey vulture or black vulture. A large carrion feeding bird of prey with a turkey-like bald red or black head.
cobo, jankro, jranko
animal, bird
john crowjohn crowjohn crowjohn crowjohn crowjohn crow
Tasha Jun 30, 2012
CJL Nov 30, 2013
This is a corbeau in Trinidad and Tobago
Rhianna Nov 14, 2015
We see john crow s here
Jovial Jan 14, 2016
Carrion Crow
Paul Jul 11, 2016
proper english - Carrion Crow. kanning crow, cannion crow
Ryan Nov 15, 2016
John crow or drancro
Bob Mar 23, 2017
Jang ko , in ower patois
Malcolm Nov 04, 2018
Greater wingspan than most eagles. Eats carrion or dead meat. However could hardly live on that exclusively. Attacks live weak animals as well. Variously known as John Crow, Jancro. The town that I live in in Jamaica is called John Crow Roost. I never saw any roost there.
ju Nov 08, 2018
Dionne Mar 15, 2019
Fuck off france “ju”