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jumbee bead
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Bracelets or anklets made by stringing together the brightly coloured seeds of the plant Abrus precatorius. The bracelets worn to ward off jumbees or other spirits and influences.
The seeds and plant of the climbing legume Abrus precatorius. It is primarily known for its brightly coloured seeds which are used in jewelry, art and craft, and as filling for percussion instruments and shakers. Most seeds are bright red with a black eye. However, they also occur in full red, full black, green, and white.
jumbee beadjumbee bead
kp Mar 21, 2015
This is one of the two most poisonous seeds in the world. If the inner seed enters your blood you are dead.....contains ricin
Helen Aug 18, 2015
Hmmm didn't know that .........what is the second one
Samael Sharpe Aug 18, 2015
Probably castor oil seeds. They also contain ricin.
Ann Nov 22, 2015
When I was growing up, I think those red ones were called 'buck-beads' .
Jeff Mar 21, 2019
Jeff Mar 21, 2019
Lilian Singh Apr 15, 2020
I remember playing with those beads, making necklaces for my dolls
Belna Nov 01, 2020
When babies are born the custom was to make a bracelet of the black beads that they wear. The bracelet is ward off bad eye.
Arlene Monaghan Aug 06, 2022
We grew up with stories about the werewolf who was obsessed with numbers. it could only enter your home if you had a string of 100 Jumbee beads outside your door. So, to confuse the werewolf you made a sting of 99 Jumbee beads. The werewolf would spend the entire night counting the string over and over trying to reach 100. o. He