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Ovoid green fruit that grows in bunches on trees up to 30m high. The fruit typically ripen during the summer. The fruit is related to the lychee and have tight, thin but rigid skins. Inside the skin is the tart, tangy, or sweet pulp of the fruit covering a large seed. The pulp is usually cream or orange coloured.
food, fruit, plant
LoveTheVoiceWithin Feb 24, 2011
i want a kenep/chenet/guinep/skinip/ :P
Virgin Islander Aug 03, 2012
Yummy I have some!
Robertha Nov 24, 2012
It is actually spelled guinep and it is delicious!
sylvie Nov 25, 2012
It's "actually" spelled kenep in many places.
wulf Nov 25, 2012
Robertha, if you read down some more you'll see a list of synonyms: different names for the same thing in different parts of the Caribbean.
ad1v1nador Dec 16, 2012
great with rum, let cure first for a week. enjoy
Lynn May 04, 2013
its also called Spanish lime in Miami,Florida (kind of rear to find in MIA) ,but we all know the proper name for this fruit is Guinep, Genipe, and much more ,but I rather kenep :) ;)
Vanessa Feb 14, 2014
I love kenep !
avijedi Aug 01, 2014
This site is great ! Chenet as it is called in Trinidad :) Yum
Cathy Aug 07, 2014
We locally call it skin up.........and man does it sell here! Lol
G Aug 14, 2014
Kenep in Haiti, my great aunt had the biggest tree like it covered most of her property and I would get sick every summer eating this thing.
stanton Oct 23, 2014
we call it chenette/chenet!
Brudda Bob Feb 05, 2015
We also refer to this as Ginip also. Children usually ask "yuh wan ginip" and when you reply yes, they say "skin yuh lip'
Raj Gainda May 23, 2015
In Surinam it is called kanepa
Surge-Cess Jun 09, 2015
Love Ginip! This is definitely a great treat.
Faith Jun 18, 2015
Great with ice cream
sam Jul 15, 2015
Kenep is one of the best fruit in the summer. I love it.
nini Aug 21, 2015
Omg I miss those😂
Kool Sep 19, 2015
I love these they're so good
Yes Sep 19, 2015
So good just got some
Shi Sep 30, 2015
Reminds me of my childhood. Kenep is so good!
trish Oct 11, 2015
we call it ackee in St. Vincent
Khari Jul 03, 2016
Better than all the fruit that America has to offer
Earica Jul 17, 2016
Kenep yum yum n
Angie Aug 17, 2016
Have not had any in over twenty years. Keneps are still delicious.
Vueense Sep 18, 2016
Quenepa and ice cream yum so good
Anie Feb 09, 2017
Can't wait to go back to Haiti and eat these again, the ones they sell in America are unripe and sour💀💍😭💖
Bobzy Mar 06, 2017
You know what is better than guinep and ice cream, .nutriment and ice cream
Frankie Mar 16, 2017
Those are kenèp 😍😍🇭🇹 My favorite
Vic May 28, 2017
Guinep with malt beer niiiiiiice
Dick Jun 15, 2017
Big dick
Angeli Jun 15, 2017
I love kenep
Rudebwoy Jun 18, 2017
Mary Jul 07, 2017
Just bought some and they are delicious! There are trees of them growing on the beach where I take my dog. And they are ripe!!! Yayyya
I❤ harty Jul 11, 2017
i ❤ chenette/kenep/guinep
I❤ harty Jul 11, 2017
i ❤ chenette/kenep/guinep
I❤ harty Jul 11, 2017
i ❤ chenette/kenep/guinep
I❤ harty Jul 11, 2017
i ❤ chenette/kenep/guinep
Poupette Jul 25, 2017
Love kénèp😚😚😚
Poupette Jul 25, 2017
Love kénèp😚😚😚
Jasmine Jul 31, 2017
I love those things we used to eat them in Haiti it brings. Any memories. Trying to get woodmans to order some.❤️
Jasmine Jul 31, 2017
How can I order some and bring to America. ?
Bridge Aug 08, 2017
I can't wait to try them - sounds yummy!!!
MEGA Feb 22, 2018
Ellen Jul 24, 2018
Ellen Jul 24, 2018
It’s so good 😊 with hot sauce & black pepper 🤫😋
Ray Aug 02, 2018
Enjoying some now as I type.
medjina Aug 10, 2018
Omg these are my childhood, I love them can't wait to go back to haity to eat a lot. Lollll
Ashtoretha Aug 15, 2018
I love it whit black paper
Sterline Sep 07, 2018
I absolutely love eating kenep. It’s one of the list of food I want to eat when I go to Haiti.
Natasha Sep 30, 2018
My childhood right there! Kénèp! I can’t wait to visit the Motherlands 🇭🇹
da boss Nov 19, 2018
love eating kenep!
da boss Nov 19, 2018
love eating kenep!
Michelle Feb 09, 2019
I love Kenep I can eat it all day sweet and good
abigail Dec 16, 2019
kenep is awesomeeee
Jefferson Jan 19, 2020
Lembrei do período que passei pelo Haiti. Experimentei o kenep e adorei. Muito saborosa. No Brasil existe fruta parecida que conhecemos como Pitomba.
valarie Feb 25, 2020
we call it akee
Safanie Jun 20, 2020
It’s soo good I want some 😋.
Patricia Markert Aug 02, 2020
It's a delicious fruit with an acquired taste. Sweet and a little tart. I'm eating some as i write.
MetCal Jul 12, 2021
'Kenepa' on Curacao - delicious
José Jul 19, 2022
You see farmers selling these "quenepas" every summer by the roadside here. Eaten raw or mixed into rum drinks. The leaves are said to have healing properties.
Evy Aug 09, 2022
They are called Mamones in El Salvador 🇸🇻 in English the word mean suckers
Evy Aug 09, 2022
I'm vacationing in the Bahamas st the moment and had it to chase a fee kids in scooters just to but then some kenep unfortunately I couldn't catch them and since it is really hot and humid here I felt I was gonna pass out and went back to the resort with a sad face and empty hands 😂😂😂
asher Oct 24, 2022
I went to haiti for a mission trip and ate some. EXQUISITE.