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Ovoid green fruit that grows in bunches on trees up to 30m high. The fruit typically ripen during the summer. The fruit is related to the lychee and have tight, thin but rigid skins. Inside the skin is the tart, tangy, or sweet pulp of the fruit covering a large seed. The pulp is usually cream or orange coloured.
fruit, food, plant
Selfrin Sep 04, 2014
A very sweet fruit. The tree gives fruit once a year. Mostly in April all leaves will fall of.
With the new brenches there will come the flowers and later on the young fruits.
The fruit will be ready to eat in late August. Then it will be at it's best.
Brent Oct 02, 2017
na boo boo this called gunipe.
Kim Jun 29, 2020
Guinep , a very sweet fruit wher rip
Zoey Jun 22, 2021
My grandma has a big tree on our land in Haiti