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Pitangus sulphuratus - The large tyrant flycatcher - a bird with a distinctive yellow, black and white markings. The head is black with a strong white eyestripe and a concealed yellow crown stripe. The upper parts are brown, and the wings and tail are brown with usually strong rufous fringes.
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jadegs Oct 22, 2008
That is not a keskidee, it is a little bananaquit, a keskidee is a much bigger bird (like the size of a black-bird), but the markings are similar.
heretic Oct 24, 2008
How do you know that's not just a young keskidee?
Antonym Oct 25, 2008
Aunty Katie not synonymous with bananaquit. Two different birds. Let me do some searching.
queequeg Apr 11, 2010
shape of the beak tells me that it's not a young keskidee.
adiee Sep 25, 2011
it never
valdo Nov 08, 2011
it is a keskidee
valdo Nov 08, 2011
it is a keskidee
Trini Feb 18, 2012
this is so not a Keskidee. It is a bananaquit.
Mike, Trinidad Jun 09, 2012
That picture is that of a SEMP better known as a bannaquit, the Keskidee is much larger with similar markings except the black is now brown and yellow breasted. So People get your info right before you post. Can you coffee an tea lovers support my website:
Donald Graham Jun 07, 2013
It is inconceivable that someone could mistake a keskidee for a bananaquit. The keskidee is at least three times as large as a bananaquit.The keski has a large area of brown. In Trinidad, the sikier(sucrier?) does not have this brown. It has a very dark grey or black in this area. It's beak is also much smaller and curved downwards. The keski's beak is large and points straight forward.
De Wilde Chris-Arthur Sep 04, 2013
Is the name 'Keskidee derived from the French expression 'Qu'est-ce-qu'il-dit' or in English, what is he said, so invented by the French Trini-creoles first half of 19th century ?
De Wilde Chris-Arthur Sep 04, 2013
What is the scientific Latin denomination for this kind of bird ? Please ?
wulf Sep 05, 2013
Pitangus sulphuratus
Brudda Bob Feb 05, 2015
Guyanese refer this as "yellow plaintain" because of the color
nathaniel Apr 13, 2015
it is one:)
Gregory Dec 08, 2015
The bird featured above is a keskidee.
Yachtskip Aug 07, 2016
The most obvious identifier is the white stripe on it's head. On the Bananquit, or Sugar Eater as it is known in some areas, there are two stripes beginning at the base of the beak and finishing on it's back. On the Keskidee the white area is continuous around it's head making it look as though it's wearing a black skull-cap
Bobzy Jan 29, 2017
Bananaquit/sugar bird k/eskidee and so on are the same bird
jason Jan 30, 2018
lara Jan 30, 2018
yes it is
ghesto May 25, 2018
keskidee has straight beak. bannaquit has curved beak. how hard is it to realise that the bird above has a straight beak? it is obviously a keskidee, plus, you can's really tell the size accurately in the photo
Sam cam 101🏈πŸ₯ŠπŸŽ£ Nov 16, 2018
It is😎