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The sticky substance made from the extracted milk of the chataigne or breadfruit tree, used to trap birds.
Ashok Sep 19, 2016
How to make it
JORDANE Sep 07, 2017
kimi Feb 27, 2018
laglee is used to trap birds
lo Feb 27, 2018
jorda ne Feb 27, 2018
how to make lag
Micih_chan Sep 18, 2018
How do you make it
PHENIX Sep 20, 2018
Its something used for bird cayching
Mark Sep 22, 2019
What is a laglee I know what you use it for but how can I use laglee in a sentence
Abby Apr 24, 2020
What is a leeglee
Cora Sep 15, 2020
Laglee is for catching bird and is very sticky.
Mari Dec 17, 2020
how to use laglee in a sentence i know the meaning tho
Jamari May 14, 2021
I love my life
Simon May 17, 2021
Re Mari: How to use laglee in a sentence? Well, using It [laglee] like a varnish, I applied the laglee to the branches of the tree as a trap to catch birds that flitted about the branches.
Boypp Oct 21, 2021
What does it look like
Ras Cas Jan 27, 2022
I read a Trinidadian novel/ short story years ago which described a boy chewing the sap from a mango tree to make the laglee sticky, then setting it on a branch to catch the birds
lol Apr 06, 2022
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