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Translated as ‘female devil’ from French, La Diablesse is a Caribbean Folklore Character who was born human but her dealings with the devil have made her a malicious shape-shifting spirit. To others, her poise, figure and dress make her seem beautiful. However, her hideous face is hidden by a large brimmed hat and her long dress hides the fact that one leg ends in a cow hoof- also she walks with one foot on the road and her cow's hoof in the grass at the side of the road. She can cast spells on her unsuspecting male victims whom she leads into the forest with promises of sexual favours. When in the forest, she disappears and the man, confused, lost and scared, runs around the forest until he falls into a ravine or river and dies.
abranche Aug 20, 2015
We call it that in Trinidad and Tobago too
Linnaman Sep 26, 2017
Aren't all spirits shape-shifters
Diallo Jul 13, 2020
I am in 6th grade and my teacher told me about it
Ameka Latifah Dec 14, 2020
I saw one last night
Amela Jan 15, 2021
Im writing a story on it
Bobby Sep 15, 2021
n: A folklore character, a beautiful woman I'm a long dress who has one foot like cow's;she entices men astray at night in the forest or on lonely roads
Bianca Dec 10, 2021
Have alot in st lucia
Nigeria Apr 04, 2022
Ok I scared
Ryah May 19, 2022
My granmah you to tell me and my cousins stories like this Ive seen