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A paca, a small rodent.
gibnat, laba
animal, food
Saf Dec 11, 2010
I believe that picture (and definition) is of an Agouti. From what i understand a Lappe is a deer.
blah May 23, 2014
it is kind of cute
xj Jun 08, 2014
no it isn't. lappe is a rowland paca not a deer and the pic is of a lappe.
Skip Sep 23, 2014
In Guyana it's a Laba
thyema Feb 04, 2015
tis is very ulgyyyyyyyyyy
Brudda Bob Feb 05, 2015
Tapir in Guyana (actually on one of Guyana's stamps), maybe labba but I'm not sure. If it is labba as Skip mentioned, it's very sweet meat.
Charmaine Mar 14, 2015
That is NOT an agouti. Looks like a tapir to me.
Deleta May 03, 2015
Gibnut in Belize
Teshai Jun 14, 2016
it is a lappe..curry stewed one this weekend..umm umm good
Teshai Jun 14, 2016
Agouti does not have spots and looks more like a big rat, but they are in the same family as the Lappe
Nameless Aug 17, 2016
Scientific name-cuniculuspaca... that's where the name paca comes from
Doyle Aug 31, 2016
Heard from.the grapevine that the meat is firm, succulent.white and taste good when properly cooked
Terry Mar 11, 2019
It is a animal but very small and it not a deer it is a paper