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mammee apple
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Round fruit between 5 and 9 inches in diameter. The fruit has rough brown skin and contains a single large seed. The flesh of unripe fruit is hard and becomes soft when fully ripened. The fruit is edible with tastes ranging from sour to sweet and reminiscent of apricots.
food, fruit, plant
mammee applemammee apple
natyboops Jan 14, 2009
In the Virgin Islands, this is a "mesple"...sorry if I spelled it wrong; I never saw it in print. 
Holly Berri Nov 13, 2012
This is such a delicious fruit.
crucian Nov 14, 2012
Letel Prek Jul 30, 2014
Yes, we also call this fruit mammee. Could not remember if the name include "apple". It is said that one should not consume any alcohol after eating this fruit because it can lead to death. Not so sure if anyone proved that to be wrong by doing so.
Mary Alice Oct 17, 2015
My favorite fruit. Tried one on Barbados, St James Beach at the Shelter.
ROHAN Oct 25, 2015
Mammee apple again a favourite
Kenny Jan 30, 2016
Mammy apple
Kristina Jan 13, 2017
Mammee ceepote (not sure of the spelling)
Mamey Apr 06, 2017
Bobzy Oct 28, 2017
Mammee apple
Lucky Dec 05, 2017
Know it as apricot in Dominica.
James Sep 16, 2018
Mansie pote
da boss Nov 19, 2018
we call it mammee apple in belize
da boss Nov 19, 2018
we call it mammee apple in belize
Destiny Mar 30, 2019
We does call it mammee in the Bahamas