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This animal is native to North America, not the Caribbean. Manicou is another creature native to Central and South America. Also several Caribbean islands.
I don't understand how your comment was necessary @Dion.
You call it a possum not manicou.
manicou is a large rat and is also found in Trinidad
it looks like a MANGOOSE that killed out all snakes in JAMAICA
My Mum used to say Manicou meat was sweet.
Nah Favor, mongoose was brought in by colonials, manicou is native to Trinidad
manicou is possum
The manicou is the opossum. It should not be eaten as the Bible classes it in the category of unclean meats.
That animal is a marsupial called an opposum. It is originally an Amazonian animal that has populated the entire western Hemisphere. It is the only marsupial native to the Western Hemisphere. A marsupial is a transitional animal that did not evolve into a mammal (like the kangaroo).
Marsupials are mammals.
I have tried it once ,my mother totally dissagrees but my grandfather loves it !!i dont mind having manicou
The manicou/possum has extended its range into southern Ontario Canada
the opossum is not a rat it is in fact it is a marsupial closer related to a kangaroo hence the pouch on its stomach for incubating its young.
a rat is a rodent related to a rabbit a herbivore
Manicou is also native to St. Vincent. I would rather die of starvation than eat it. I've seen pictures of Manicou here in St. Vincent eating dead animals. My family also says it's nice.