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Dion Feb 08, 2013
This animal is native to North America, not the Caribbean. Manicou is another creature native to Central and South America. Also several Caribbean islands.
Guest Jul 13, 2013
I don't understand how your comment was necessary @Dion.
You call it a possum not manicou.
meranjan Jul 25, 2013
manicou is a large rat and is also found in Trinidad
Favor Feb 11, 2014
it looks like a MANGOOSE that killed out all snakes in JAMAICA
Monica Maclean Mar 02, 2014
My Mum used to say Manicou meat was sweet.
trini4lyfe Mar 08, 2014
Nah Favor, mongoose was brought in by colonials, manicou is native to Trinidad
la brea Aug 11, 2014
manicou is possum
acono youth Aug 23, 2014
The manicou is the opossum. It should not be eaten as the Bible classes it in the category of unclean meats.
Dr. Gary J. Pasieka Aug 26, 2014
That animal is a marsupial called an opposum. It is originally an Amazonian animal that has populated the entire western Hemisphere. It is the only marsupial native to the Western Hemisphere. A marsupial is a transitional animal that did not evolve into a mammal (like the kangaroo).
wulf Aug 26, 2014
Marsupials are mammals.
rocxan Oct 19, 2014
I have tried it once ,my mother totally dissagrees but my grandfather loves it !!i dont mind having manicou
tallgreens Nov 11, 2014
The manicou/possum has extended its range into southern Ontario Canada
tallgreens Nov 12, 2014
the opossum is not a rat it is in fact it is a marsupial closer related to a kangaroo hence the pouch on its stomach for incubating its young.
a rat is a rodent related to a rabbit a herbivore
reg Feb 16, 2015
Manicou is also native to St. Vincent. I would rather die of starvation than eat it. I've seen pictures of Manicou here in St. Vincent eating dead animals. My family also says it's nice.
kenroy Mar 19, 2015
I grew up in st vincent and eat it. I will never stop. Who dont eat it, aint know whats their missing
Bill Kern May 12, 2015
A think we are talking about Didelphis marsupialis, the common opossum or Carachupa. It occurs from Dominica southward through the Lesser Antilles and Trinidad and Tobago. It also is very common on the mainland of South and Central America.
Ingrid May 29, 2015
What about the iguana in St. Vincent the meat is sweet
Ingrid May 29, 2015
Also missed on the list is Avocado and sugarcake made with either groundnut or coconut with sugar and nutmeg and essence
Grampa Tom! Jul 17, 2015
Possum/Manicou'Same! Primarily Herbivores! -And-like the Muskrat'-TASTY! (Cooked right!) And ignore the "ratty" tail! NOT A RAT! FINE-CUDDLY FUR! Eat - Cuddle-and Enjoy-YOU LIKE EM!!
josiah Jul 22, 2015
what do manicou eat
TheChrisMove Jul 22, 2015
because something eating my rabbits
Iguana Lady Oct 16, 2015
Does anyone know what diseases dose a manicou or u may know is opossum have that can carry on to human , if any?
me Jan 07, 2016
"Do not eat that creature, it's scavenger.!!!"
Trini girl Jan 10, 2016
Does anyone know how the manicou reproduce
noname Feb 15, 2016
not enough facts
Toby Feb 18, 2016
The Common Opossum (Didelphis marsupialis), is an species living from the south of Mexico to Bolivia.
Toby Feb 18, 2016
The Common Opossum is approximately as big as a cat. Its fine and smooth tail can measure 50 cm. It has 50 teeth. The Common Opossum is a nocturnal animal. During the day, it sleeps in the hollow of a tree. Its head stays under the rest of its body. It eats fruits (such as mangoes), worms, frogs, and insects but sometimes birds and eggs. While primarily terrestrail, common opossums are adept climb
nicole Jun 08, 2016
how to get rid of it from in the ceiling of the house
Kevin Jun 16, 2016
Another definition is a Manicou man- an effeminate man in Trinidadian vernacular.
kelvin Jul 03, 2016
caught opossum when 9 years old 4 lovely ones . once i even had to put my barrowed water boots to block the sapodilla hole caught a hack with
HighHindiHeydar Aug 25, 2016
Relative of an manicou is the yawarri (didelphis opossum)
Pluto Aug 29, 2016
Manicou (didelphis marsupials insularis ) a nocturnal forest mammal is a relative of the kangaroo .. Carries its young in a pouch similiar to the kangaroo ..Manicou mostly feeds on fruits, small animals and of course carrion.
RADICA Sep 02, 2016
Trevor Nov 19, 2016
Manicou in Trinidad, yawrri in Guyana. Related to the kangaroo, not the rat.
Bobzy Nov 28, 2016
There are also different animals that use the manicou name: manicou crab, manicou goseau
Bobzy Nov 28, 2016
The manicou crab is mostly found Tobago and the manicou goseau is Trinidad
david Nov 30, 2016
It smells really bad I would never eat it.
Tallgeens Jan 14, 2017
Unlike most farm animals manicou having an impressive set of teeth for its size will aggressively fight to preserve it's life
Juan C Jan 28, 2017
we in Venezuela called it "YAGUARE", some eat them. They are a menace for hen, chicken farmers
DA Feb 05, 2017
Well say my roots is Dominica and my muma them done strengthen me from little with manicuo and mountain chicken washed down with sugar water.
Bobzy Feb 25, 2017
Oops I left out manicou bird
Bobzy Mar 07, 2017
Kangaroos and wallabies , Koalas, Tasmanian Devils, wombats, Possums, Gliders are all marsupials due to the fact that they all have pouches
Trinidad documentary Apr 18, 2017
manicou's r 1 of the most facinating animals to see catching pray
nigger Apr 18, 2017
Hopper May 02, 2017
It's a tasty critter. We eat it all the time.
Bobzy Jun 04, 2017
Other marsupials; Bandicoot/Numbats/Bettong/Quoll/Bilby
Indiangyul Jun 17, 2017
We have a lot of Manicou in Grenada
Savage life Oct 31, 2017
Eating manicou right now great tasting food
Savage life Oct 31, 2017
Who neva try it should
Slade Jan 22, 2018
I was only trying to lookup "penguin" the so call manicou fig or wild pine fruit. Cant find on the internet. Help!
bowen Apr 25, 2018
I never eat it yet, some in my family do, its unclean imo
Chick Jul 02, 2018
Just saw one sitting on my wall about 8pm, that's why I'm here. Like the rain send him out looking....he was staring at me with round ears....yuck! I would never eat that big rat!
Campbell Aug 12, 2018
Manicou and tatou is de best! Wild meats!
Addison Aug 26, 2018
Was giving my son a hair cut and one came walking up to us from the neighbors yard.
Philly Oct 24, 2018
Manicou is safer to eat than grocery bought meat..
Philly Oct 24, 2018
Manicou is safer to eat than grocery bought meat..
Bistro Dec 20, 2018
My vincy friends love it they want me to eat it but nooo sa
Pmyer Dec 21, 2018
People eat different things around the world and call it, sweet, delicious, the best thing they ever had. But for me Manicou is one I won't eat sorry.
Ale Jan 15, 2019
When in Trinidad go to Paramin during Christmas time: best Manicou stew ever... all accompanied by Parang music. Sensational
oliver Apr 23, 2019
nunofyabusiness May 09, 2019
what was the point of your comment @Oliver cause there aint no point of commenting if you not gonna comment about the rat
Nicky May 26, 2019
Nothing better than roasted manicou
Amex Sep 19, 2019
A manicou keeps coming into my room in d walls no matter what I try it keeps coming back in. Can anybody tell me how to get rid of it please
Doop dapps Oct 06, 2019
Get another manicou cause they will fight to their death then you'll have none... Problem solved 👊🏾
Zam Oct 20, 2019
Love the comments, eating this critter is not worth the health risk
Gt gal Feb 01, 2020
That's called a "YAWARRI" in Guyana for those whom are unaware ✌
Santino Capone Feb 15, 2020
They are goot eating very tasty when deep fried the eyeballs are my favorite just like eating grapes.🤮👀🧠🦴👅
Pablo Genty Tremont Sep 04, 2020
In Venezuela we call it ‘rabipelado’.
peliper Oct 29, 2020
izuku mela kranae
T Mar 10, 2021
The first and only time I tasted it, was from my father law. It was done in a brown stew with coconut milk and a side of cassava dumplings. The only taste I can compare it to is a rabbit, It was tasty to my surprise. I was told after butchering the animal it is scorched with fire in order to obtain a certain type of flavor. Tobagonians also scorch rabbit with fire, to give it a smoky taste.
Bau May 16, 2021
Yawiriin Giyana we ketch it and give to Trinidad and vincen
Bau May 16, 2021
In Guyana, we ketch yawiri and give to Vincentians and Trinidad, they eat it
P May 28, 2021
So you’re saying a manicou is like a large rat/mongoose and a possum is a marsupial like a kangaroo The manicou eats dead things and the possum doesn’t
B Sep 16, 2021
I remember my mom’s friend told her about eating manicou and she said “maniWhO?” And when she saw a picture of it, she almost passed out. Makes me laugh to this day!🤣
DALIA Mar 05, 2022
MANICOU is a very tasty tasty wild meat. I would recommend it any day any time
Alissa Mar 13, 2022
I'm from Texas and we have those here
Ryah May 19, 2022
Ives seen these in the hills were I live these are nasty my dog killed one the other day hunter dog
CoeurC Nov 11, 2022
"Manikou" in Martinique
AGS🇺🇲 Nov 29, 2022
OMG! I ate a rat (as a child); that's not kosher.
Clevon Dec 18, 2022
Only wid meat that actually taste wold its great doh