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Derogatory term for a person of ill repute.
An exclamation of shock, surprise, anger, or frustration.
Antiguan Princess Jan 27, 2017
This is said in Antigua to 🙄
Joshua Mar 01, 2017
We doh say scunt in Grenada, Mudda cunt, as in haul yuh mudda cunt or what does do allyuh stinking mudda cunt
Nay Jul 26, 2017
Curse word towards anybody. It means skunt
Citizen Dec 14, 2018
it's mudda cunt in Dominica
da boss Dec 15, 2018
wow. not sure if we say it in belize
Deepika Feb 17, 2019
Oohhhh we definitely say this in Trinidad, Especially my granny 😂😂😂
khaadijah Jul 05, 2019
we does say mudda cunt to
Snip3down Recs Jul 12, 2019
It Means "Your Mother Vagina"
Megs Jan 27, 2020
ALLYUH CUNTS🤣 jk jk jk but whe all d trinis at?
Mista Catt Aug 12, 2020
Ooooh! Rassclaat! We say dis, too
kayla Oct 05, 2020
yuh mother cunny
Christopher' Oct 16, 2020
ummm........... what we doing here?
T Mar 30, 2021
Shut yo muddaskunt
S Apr 19, 2021
Haul yuh mudda cunt
Zaga Apr 23, 2021
Haul yuh mudda cunt hole
Sydney May 02, 2021
This is said everywhere in St. Kitts too 🙄
James Jul 31, 2021
Kerr yuh mudda skunt suh
Denesh Oct 01, 2021
Watch skunt hay
Virgin Island Oct 04, 2021
Mother skunt
NahSkunt Nov 25, 2021
All ah yuh skunt kaan spell skunt or wah mison?
NahSkunt Nov 25, 2021
Since ah yuh skunt on here is less than a muddaskunt lemme edumacate ah dumb skunt!! As a adjective, skunt, skunt is used to describe, you, who on here searching wah muddaskunt mean! Probably why they called you a skunt in the first place, use context clues skunt. Secondly, as an adjective skunt describes someone who is hilarious, ie "the skunt who write this here mison" lol.
Sophie<3 Dec 27, 2021
For sure we be saying that shit lmfao "what de muddascunt" or "hush yuh muddascunt bai/gyal"
Trinicasta Jan 24, 2022
We does say hul yuh modda cunt
B Apr 30, 2022
Wait yuh skunt
Harold Jul 19, 2022
"OMG Becky, why did those guys just call me a mother skunk?"
Cruzian Jul 26, 2022
Dat muddaskunt aint wort ah damn
Eyecandy Ortiz Aug 19, 2022
Shut ahu schupid mudaskunt mehn 🇻🇮🇻🇮🇻🇮🇻🇮🇻🇮🇻🇮🤣🤣🤣😅
Lord Aug 25, 2022
"Hush up muddaskunt"
Trinbago Aug 26, 2022
move yuh dutty muddacunt from here
Bo Vinzant Nov 11, 2022
Ya muddascunt is prob worst curse in the V.I. except for perhaps "Crazy baldhead schupitty muddascunt." One of my fav cusswords.
Joe mama Dec 19, 2022
Rassclat shut ya moddaskunt
DawnyViMassive Jan 11, 2023
Yes I agree it is the worst curse word in the Virgin Islands 🇻🇮