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Idiot or simpleton; A stupid person
A mute; Someone who cannot speak
okeuzo5 Nov 15, 2012
It is interesting that this is the same word used in Nigerian Pidgin English to mean "an idiot". It's origins need to be investigated.
NoWisdom Sep 13, 2016
Mumu could also possibly be derive from the French... Or could just be a play on of mor-mor-moron ..meaning an idiot.
Mumu Jul 04, 2017
Smh why people often misuse nvm......
Bobzy Sep 11, 2017
A dumb or stupid person
Tanya Melanie Dec 26, 2017
I know it as mumukoot, not mumu.
Vouka Mar 29, 2018
Moumou ADJ dumb, unable to speak. Sa ki wivé’w? Ou moumou jòdi-a? What’s wrong with you? Are you dumb today?
Vouka Mar 29, 2018
Moumou Noun mute. Gason sala sé on moumou. That boy is a mute.
Ray Zee Jun 22, 2020
Mumu - Dumb/ Stupid Person.. Often Used In "Pidgin English". 1. You Be "Mumu".
Alex mañana Jul 06, 2020
It means an ignorant being
victor Jan 13, 2021
Say something. Keep it civil.
Essie Feb 12, 2021
Michael Manso Feb 26, 2021
Emum or Mumu is a Twi or Akan word which literally means a dumb or a mute person. But figuratively, it refers to a very stupid person. The word origin is Ghanaian.
Michael Manso Mar 28, 2021
The word "emum" or "mumu" is a typical Ghanaian word. I am the one who gave the definition that it literally means a dumb or mute person and figuratively it is used to describe a very stupid individual on this platform on February 26, 2021. These two words are typical Twi or Akan words. I have seen that my definition has been ascribed as Nigerian origin and I want to set the record straight.
Jonathan Fitzjohn Aug 01, 2021
I am American, of Sierra Leonean origin. As can be inferred, from above explanations, 'mumu' is widely used in West Africa to refer to a mute individual. Such people are, wrongly, assumed to be unintelligent, simply because they are unable to speak. The word is then often used to refer to a stupid person, much like the word 'dumb' in English. Maybe derived from the sounds they make. Onomatopoeia?
Ania Oct 23, 2021
Yes, our language patwa\creole is made up of french and west african languages