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Round, oblate, oval, ellipsoidal, or conical fruit varying in size from 2 to 4 in (5-10 cm) in width. The immature fruit is hard and has a sandpaper like texture. Typically, the fruit does not ripen until it is picked or falls off the tree. When ripe, the fruit becomes soft and juicy. The flesh may be yellow, reddish brown, or dark brown with smooth or grainy textures. While some fruits may be seedless, they typically contain 3 - 10 hard black seeds in the center. The fruit is considered to be very delicious and is highly desired. The sap or gum from the tree is also a source of 'chicle' the original ingredient used to make chewing gum.
food, fruit, plant
Fran Selinger May 12, 2014
We call it sapodilla in Grenada, although sometimes it comes out sounding like "sarpadillo".
Chris Thompson Jun 18, 2016
where can I find this in the us
J.Wray Feb 08, 2017
Cayman has Neesberrys also, round and long Sapadillas. Sweet sweet!
Ed Feb 13, 2017
Any or most Korean supermarkets carry it.