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old higue
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A ghost or spirit that lives as an old woman by day, but turns into a blood sucking monster by night. According to some legends, she is able to to take off her skin and put it back on.
samantha May 12, 2013
yeah rite
armando m. Jan 25, 2015
I thought it was a spirit that haunts people. How does it suck peoples blood then??
Kiandra Mar 28, 2017
Wow how does that happen
amani Mar 26, 2019
What I thought was that it only drank a little baby/infant blood at night, but even so it doesn't even want to, but does so to survive
Peaches Jan 10, 2020
I thought she is an old woman who, by night, sheds her skin, turns into an owl and sucks out people's soul (even babies).
Gt gal Feb 01, 2020
It's "Ol' Higue" inna GT. And it's real too
Higue Aug 21, 2020
Shawn Smith Dec 13, 2020
This dam thing is real ....this morning I woke up noticing a black and blue mark on my arm.....///mouth mark/// it is real ...well for me i believe it is real now .....
Guyana 🇬🇾 Aug 21, 2021
Real...saw the ball of fire for myself when I was younger...supernatural is still here in this land...and I know yall would say many things....but I conformed that it wasn't someone holding a lamp...believed since then...someone else saw it a few weeks ago...
Jouvert Apr 15, 2022
My mom calls her mom this when she actin up lol