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peas and rice
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A dish made from rice and peas or beans. Red kidney beans and gungo are commonly used. The dish is typically prepared with coconut milk and lots of seasoning.
peas and rice
CaribDigita Sep 07, 2010
Cow peas, Pigeon peas, Green peas, Split Peas... What else is there?
Jacqueline Oct 11, 2013
Black eyed peas, bonavis
Grace Grant-jennings Nov 08, 2013
In Jamaica...rice & peas...not peas & rice
Belna Jun 22, 2015
only called peas and rice in a restaurant imitating other Caribbean food, but referred to as cook up rice whether it has meat or not. Shine rice if no meat Cow peas, Pigeon peas, Green peas, Split Peas no kidney beans in Guyana, but used in Canada and U.S
Gt gal Feb 01, 2020
De only ting we used peas with rice mixed inna is "Cook-up rice" 😒😒😒.