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A one-pot mixture of peas and rice, cooked with meat
cookup rice
antonym Mar 07, 2008
This taste good. I had a room mate in college from St. Vincent who used to cook this.
heretic Mar 08, 2008
So that mean St. Vincent people eat (say) pelau?
antonym Mar 26, 2008
It would seem so... I think it is something he used to do when he was back home...
kimera Feb 19, 2013
this taste sooooooo good i feel to faint right now
kimera Feb 19, 2013
hi antonym this kimera talking. do you know bloom tectna stella musa layla aisha
Jah Mar 25, 2017
Mi great granni fram Dominica cook this pon di holidays very good !!!
Bobzy Jun 02, 2017
Isn't the also something creole or something
Ash May 05, 2018
They call it pelau in trinidad too.
Kash Feb 27, 2019
So yummy
Jen Apr 02, 2019
That's just cooked up rice. In Suriname we say moksi alesi (moksi=mixed/alesi=rice)
vincy Feb 09, 2021
pelau in vincy i still cook it in the use once a week