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Otaheite apple; Pear shaped fruit with red skin and white flesh. Typically, they contain a single large seed. However, they may occasionally be seedless. The fruit is sweet and is usually eaten raw or used to make drinks.
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Wicked fruit that I haven't had in years!! So tasty!! Mmmm, yummy!
I was actually craving this , and had to google it
To show my husband because he had no clue as to
What this fruit was. So sweet and juicy
Would really work Nicly mixed with a garden salad
Yummy in my tummy
Guyanese folks call it "cashew"
My favourite fruit!!
they are called pomerac in T&T
Spelled "Pomme Au Rac" in TT and elsewhere. Trees can grow to over 50 feet.
Colin, it may resemble a cashew, but there is no nut at the base of the fruit. So it is not a cashew. We have those in Trinidad as well, and they are called cashew. These are pommeracs or pomme au racs. And they probalbly grow in Guyana as well. Tall trees, large pink wisyp flowers. Thin red skin, white tender flesh. Large seed inside.
called malay apple in Belize
WE always had a pomarac tree, I loved the fruit since I was a child. I tried planting the seed in my other grandmother's yard, when I went on vacation, but it never grew. I was dissapointed the following year, when I arrived to find nothing in the spot where I had left the seed. We still however have the original tree on the other side where my other grandmother lived.
In Grenada we call it "French cashew" or just "cashew". I am literally eating one as I type this.
I agree with Chirsto
It looks like plumrose to me
I love this fruit. It can be found in Barbados but few bajans know of it. My gran was from St. Vincent and St.Lucia and introduce it to me. It is plentiful in St. Lucia. I also attempt to grow this plant from the seed at home but was not successful. Found it Welchman Hall Gully and in St. Andrew while hiking. I really need to find best to grow it, tried growing the seed but that did not work.