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Otaheite apple; Pear shaped fruit with red skin and white flesh. Typically, they contain a single large seed. However, they may occasionally be seedless. The fruit is sweet and is usually eaten raw or used to make drinks.
food, fruit, plant
Jude Jan 27, 2013
Wicked fruit that I haven't had in years!! So tasty!! Mmmm, yummy!
Nadine Aug 26, 2013
I was actually craving this , and had to google it
To show my husband because he had no clue as to
What this fruit was. So sweet and juicy
Would really work Nicly mixed with a garden salad
Yummy in my tummy
Colln Aug 30, 2013
Guyanese folks call it "cashew"
Alison T. Oct 31, 2013
My favourite fruit!!
siyo May 01, 2014
they are called pomerac in T&T
June Jul 05, 2014
Spelled "Pomme Au Rac" in TT and elsewhere. Trees can grow to over 50 feet.
chirsto Oct 27, 2014
Colin, it may resemble a cashew, but there is no nut at the base of the fruit. So it is not a cashew. We have those in Trinidad as well, and they are called cashew. These are pommeracs or pomme au racs. And they probalbly grow in Guyana as well. Tall trees, large pink wisyp flowers. Thin red skin, white tender flesh. Large seed inside.
Ken Nov 10, 2014
called malay apple in Belize
WE always had a pomarac tree, I loved the fruit since I was a child. I tried planting the seed in my other grandmother's yard, when I went on vacation, but it never grew. I was dissapointed the following year, when I arrived to find nothing in the spot where I had left the seed. We still however have the original tree on the other side where my other grandmother lived.
Manicou Jan 30, 2015
In Grenada we call it "French cashew" or just "cashew". I am literally eating one as I type this.
Irmgard May 28, 2015
I agree with Chirsto
Delanna Jun 05, 2015
It looks like plumrose to me
Purdey Jun 07, 2015
I love this fruit. It can be found in Barbados but few bajans know of it. My gran was from St. Vincent and St.Lucia and introduce it to me. It is plentiful in St. Lucia. I also attempt to grow this plant from the seed at home but was not successful. Found it Welchman Hall Gully and in St. Andrew while hiking. I really need to find best to grow it, tried growing the seed but that did not work.
wayne Murray Aug 08, 2015
Cashew is the fruit with the seed on the out side, pomerac,/ malaka, is red and the seed is inside the fruit
Neale Oct 01, 2015
Can the fruit or just the seed be brought to the USA? I want to grow some trees in Florida.
Shivana Oct 05, 2015
Well in Guyana we call it *cashew* and it is so tasty. But i wonder if pomerac and cashew are the same.
Middleton Nov 14, 2015
This I have noticed for awhile some places will call a fruit with the name of a different fruit.Like in this case Otaheite apple is bright red with a fresh sweet cottony flesh.The cashew fruit has the same pear shape but the skin is yellow and the flesh is stainy and almost rubbery in texture.The nut is borne on the exterior at the base of the fruit a strange thing to see/
reshma Nov 15, 2015
how do you guys call this fruit in jamaica ?
Jahmileo Nov 26, 2015
we call this apple, this grow wild n natural
Jahivah Dec 09, 2015
This is pomerac not cashew. The seed is inside. It is a spongy fruit.
Dawn Dec 11, 2015
it's called an Otaheite apple in Jam! My fav fruit.
Lecy Jan 18, 2016
Its called an apple in Jamaica we're i'm from
Jennifer Jan 27, 2016
In Jamaica its called otaheite apple, red apple or just plain apple.
jason Feb 09, 2016
Guyanese people are stupid,
Raeann Feb 18, 2016
In my visit to Jamaica; they laughed at me just this week for calling this POMERAC,, Been eating this all week, its in season now in Jamaica. My fav fruit
khurtwilliams Apr 20, 2016
Ok. Right. A plumose.
kush Jun 08, 2016
Pomerac in Dominica too
Kat Jun 18, 2016
Plum rose here- does anyone know if it can grow in Florida ?
Saleem Jul 23, 2016
Pommerac comes from French pomme malac (apple from malacca). The Jamaicans call it otaheite apple, which means apple from Tahiti. Whatever you call it -- one of the best fruits ever!
Bobzyoy Aug 31, 2016
Wickedest fruit ever !
BARBARU Sep 24, 2016
The taste is phenomenal!
Angi Nov 18, 2016
Is there a similar looking fruit called pommerac in Jamaica? It resembles the pommerac fruit in shape but smaller in size, light pink in color, with a crunch to the bite and a mild flavor and no seed inside. Someone help please just ate one and wants to know if I should have.
ravendarlin Nov 21, 2016
The person who said, "Guyanese people are stupid, cashew" Made me laugh so hard I almost peepee on me. I can''t!!!
Suel Bee Jan 31, 2017
We call it Otaheite Apple here in Jamaica...really delicious whether eaten raw, in a stew/salad or juiced. Bad like rass!
Jad Mar 23, 2017
It is called a variety of names and it varies remarkably from one country to the next. They are all innovative names so none of them is really correct. If Guyanese call it cashew or in Trinidad pomerac, they are just the local names subjected to those countries or any other in which it grows. It's widely grown in in tropical countries...
Purdi Apr 27, 2017
Love love this fruit. A tree grew in my grandmother backyard, so we had unlimited access when in season, the best.
Vicmaxx Jun 02, 2017
We call it pomme d'armour or love apple.
VOUKA Jun 06, 2017
Christopher Jun 13, 2017
Also my favourite fruit
Kikay Jul 08, 2017
My favourite fruit
Jianna Jul 09, 2017
One of my favorite fruits!!😍
TrinA Jul 14, 2017
Ohh goshhh, since I come foreign I haven't had this fruit, was def one of my faves growing up, where can I find/buy this fruit in America?
Dwillz Jul 21, 2017
Plumrose it is
Jamesa Phillips Sep 20, 2017
Well in Guyana it is known as cashew but clearly it's different from pomerrac but its the same fruit
Lori Apr 13, 2018
In Guyana we call it cashew because of it similar resemblance.
Wayde May 10, 2018
When is the best time of the year to plant this fruit... 🤔?
Paul Jun 09, 2018
I am 48 years old and have been eating this fruit now for 48 years and 9 months now .LOVE IT!!!
Kenny Jun 23, 2018
Crick! Crack! monkey break he back for ah piece ah pomerac ...
Dee Jul 24, 2018
Known as pommearac in Trinidad. Grew up knowing this fruit so the taste is palatable. Not well known by Bajans therefore not tasty. I also planted seeds from Weichman Hall Gully and the are now about 3ft tall . They are in season now and recently received a large bag full. Will make a jam and use some in salad. They are of a very small variety. Kenny. - I remember that, hahaha
Indi Sep 15, 2018
Local as we call it makes also a very good homemade wine . I always make at xmas. Delicious to soak fruits for black cakes.
Andre Sep 27, 2018
I would love to get a seed to plan it and grow it in the Usa
Ron Sep 29, 2018
A cashew does not have a seed on the inside. It is also not a nut. It is actually a bean.
Din Din May 14, 2019
Now that Jamaican's know the correct name of the fruit, let them go with the rest of the world and call it by its correct name, "pomerac".
Bbb May 29, 2019
Guyanese people in not stupid
Bbb May 29, 2019
Correction Guyanese people isn’t stupid that is the name we call this fruit CASHEW
Princess Greenz Jun 07, 2019
Growing up I’ve always known this as french apple 🤷🏽‍♀️ I will never call it anything else
J Jun 30, 2019
Is pommerac people
TunPlantain Sep 24, 2019
This fruit may resemble cashew but it is not cashew. This is similar in taste to an apple that grows in places with a colder climate. I don't know why some West Indians treasure imported North American apples, when you have this fruit which tastes very similar.
Mark Headley Oct 24, 2019
Ye man i had this fruit the first time i was Trinidad,this around the 60ś I was introduced to this lovely tasting fruit-Fell in love with it,However i have not tasted it now for over 30 years.Should be cultivated more.
gina Nov 29, 2019
Hey I no longer live in Guyana but growing up in Mackenzie (now Linden) we used to call them malaccas, and then when I moved to Georgetown heard my Grandfather calling them cashews (and we know it s not the nut !!). I have spent 40 odd years trying to describe this fruit and to find it. Only once came across it in a Malaysian supemarket. Caribbean and Guyana for best fruit and veg.
Bev Mar 08, 2020
In greenz we call this tasty fruit French cashew am munching on one right now..
CaribXavi Mar 24, 2020
We call that a Morroco in SKN
SpiceQueen Apr 15, 2020
Calling someone stupid is rude AF. Around the world people call the same things different names, just because you call it one thing doesn’t make it wrong from someone who calls it something else. In Grenada we call it French Cashew.
Spice man Apr 18, 2020
In Grenada it’s called a French cashew, in Hawaii it’s called Malay Apple or mountain Apple.
Cecejax May 12, 2020
We in St. Vincent know it as favorite!🇻🇨
Adriana Jul 19, 2020
In Colombia we call it Pomarrosa...
yhan Jul 23, 2020
we call it plum rose and also we call it malaba
Kenjo Sep 05, 2020
So what do Guyanese call cashew?
Kenjo Sep 05, 2020
The fruit we call cashew in Trinidad I mean
Kenjo Sep 05, 2020
So what do Guyanese call what the rest of us know as cashew?
SJJ Nov 20, 2020
In Grenada it's known as French Cashews 🇬🇩 Inspite of the different names, when I travel to any of those islands 🏝 I WILL call it what they call it to aquire some!😉 I L💓VE THEM
Dira Dec 06, 2020
In my country it is called pomerac, not cashew
Helene Jan 23, 2021
Aa Feb 13, 2021
I had some by y cousins backyard its a big tree.
Sur Mar 27, 2021
So is there any place in the US that Pomerac can be bought? I noticed a couple places on line offer the plant but not actual fruit
JJ Apr 14, 2021
Ethiopia Apple. 🇯🇲
Alison Apr 17, 2021
I'm not from Grenada but both my parents are. I remember visiting the country when I was 10yrs old some 30 years ago now and I was told then they were called cashew. However whatever they are called I remember enjoying eating them.
John May 16, 2021
The person who said Guyanese are stupid is also stupid. We call it cashew. So WHAT????
John May 16, 2021
The person who said Guyanese are stupid is also stupid. We call it cashew. So WHAT????
Nas May 28, 2021
Guyana has both the actual cashew and this fruit which we call cashew as well. This fruit (pomerac) is widely found on the coast whereas the cashew you have to start going inland so most times people know that you mean pomerac when you say 'cashew. If confronted with both fruits the pomerac is called cashew apple and the cashew remains 'cashew'
Shantie Ramnarine-Parsan Jun 15, 2021
Pomerac/Jamun/Jamoon in Trinidad. Cashew is a different fruit. Plumrose is a different fruit here.
Ebanks Aug 30, 2021
Malay Apple in Cayman islands
Bobby Sep 15, 2021
Mountain Apple
Wendell Nov 07, 2021
That's why the Caribbean can't be one simple nàme big argument different names for the same fruit just like chennet in Jamaica ginep in Barbados ackees same fruit please get over it
Sonny Nov 23, 2021
Thanks Saleem - Pomme Malac is the most original sounding version of the word. Pomme-a-rac or Pommerac is definitely a 'distortion' of the original word. Can you elaborate more on the origins of the words - certainly sounds French? Is the fruit native to the Caribbean or was it brought from elsewhere?
Canadian Vincy May 09, 2022
Syzygium malaccense
M Jun 19, 2022
Of course Guyanese stupid so are the Jamaicans who called everything apples
RC Lee Jul 02, 2022
I just want to say, let us celebrate our diversity and unite. There is no reason to call people and their country "stupid" just because they have a different name for something. Please, let's do better. Peace and blessings to all who read this.
I am reading your Oct 11, 2022
I am reading your comments and longing for sweet sweet Trinidad, these tropical fruits
CoeurC Nov 11, 2022
Very moisturizing and refreshing fruit. We call them "Pomme d'eau" in Martinique.