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Ambarella. An edible fruit growing on large trees up to 30m. The fruits have thick, sometimes leathery skin and dendritic (fibrous or hairy) seeds. While unripe, the flesh is crisp and firm with a tart acidic taste. As it ripens, it turns yellow, becomes soft and develops a sweet taste and fragrant smell. Both ripe and unripe fruits can be eaten raw. It is also often prepared by juicing, stewing with ginger and sugar, pickling with peppers and spices, or made into chow.
jum plum Sep 21, 2013
a mi pussyclaat a jum plum name suh dwl pussy bombo claat
avijedi Aug 01, 2014
LOL ! We call it pommecythere in Trinidad :).
snuke Nov 17, 2014
Golden apple
latoya Aug 12, 2015
its called golden apple people
summer Feb 22, 2016
This page is very helpful
Lester Mar 09, 2016
This fruit was introduced to the Caribbean around the late 1700's-1800's. So all the different countries of the West Indies have their own name for it. There is a lot of french influence in Trinidad, "pomme" is the french word for apple Spondias dulcis (syn. Spondias cytherea) is the scientific name for it, so that's where we TRINIS get "cythere" from so we call it POMMECYTHERE!!!
rampa May 07, 2016
The fruit was also called Amra,by the Indians probably because of the South Indian Tamils who came to Trinidad as indentured labourers
Ker Nov 06, 2016
Hell no
Theresa Jan 11, 2017
A still can't get the meaning as yet
Drexel Sep 15, 2017
lol educational and humorous, we sounding like we speaking different languages lol
A Aug 06, 2018
Golden Apple
Kim Aug 14, 2018
Pommcythere is the name
Fishy Oct 27, 2018