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poppy show
1 definition
A person (or thing) that looks ridiculous
Jahnny Jan 19, 2016
poppy show=someone like to brag
Jahnny Jan 19, 2016
Poppy show = someone who likes to brag
MrJinks Jan 20, 2016
Pappi show- Foolish exhibition, a person who makes a foolish exhibition of themself, or an exclamation of surprise
Jana Aug 20, 2016
A fool, a clown, someone looked down upon. IE You have me looking like a poopyshow
Rohan James Jun 10, 2017
Someone 'acting' silly
Bobzy Sep 05, 2017
Puppet show
Chazzy Apr 10, 2018
Pappy show : general tomfoolery or silliness. Can be used to describe a person or character
Rissa Mar 10, 2020
A person that is boastful (likes to brag)
Kerry May 27, 2020
A person so over- the - top, they have become a ridiculous spectacle, to be made a mockery of- hence the literal meaning: puppet show.
Aaliyah Nov 21, 2020
A person that disrespects you
PJ Jan 27, 2021
Used in Trinidad as well
Bobby Sep 17, 2021
To ridicule or make fun of someone or something.
Mark A. Feb 23, 2022
A clown, or someone that makes a fool of themselves
CC Mar 10, 2022
Thank You
Deano Jul 24, 2022
if you call someone a poppy show you mean they do things that you just have to laugh at because of how unnecessary and silly it is.
Kyle Aug 09, 2022
Anybody with the name Peter and last name brown