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puh poy
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A torpedo, oval, or pear shaped fruit. The fruit bears on a large leafed tree up to 10m tall. When green, it is cooked as if a vegetable. The flesh contains an enzyme named papain that serves as an effective meat tenderiser. When ripe it is yellowish-orange in colour. The flesh is bright orange, soft, and sweet. The insides are hollow containing a lots of seeds with each seed contained in a small liquid filled sac. The seeds and the fluid surrounding them have a bitter taste.
plant, food, fruit
puh poypuh poypuh poy
Ts Oct 01, 2017
paw paw
GG Jan 31, 2022
When are they ready to pick? What colour/size should they be?
linette Feb 01, 2022
a lot of them are yellow/orange on the outside when they're ready to eat. they will get softer after you pick them, but they don't usually get any sweeter or better tasting.