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saint julian
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A named mango cultivar that was made popular in the Caribbean. the cultivar is likely to have originated in Jamaica. The fruit is small, averaging less than a pound in weight at maturity. Skin color is green with some crimson blush. The fruit has a somewhat unique shape that is ovate with a distinctive flattened side. The flesh is juicy and not fibrous, with a deep yellow color and a very rich flavor. The tree is famous for its small dwarfing growth habit.
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saint juliansaint julian
FAVOR Feb 11, 2014
you missed RED COAT PLUM,the skin is yellow then becomes red when fully ripe, has an oval shape flesh is yellow and seed is rough fruit is green in early growth. "COOLIE" PLUM is a small fruit about an inch, round shape, green turns yellow when ripe some variety are very sour while some are very sweet,
Favor Feb 11, 2014
JIMBILIN a fruit about 2 inches long very sour grows on the trunk of the tree
South Asains (East Indians) always have a tree in their yard it is a delicacy of theirs cook it with curry
saw this as a child, fruit could be a vegetable
Ro Nov 27, 2019
Julie mango