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sea grape
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A small green fruit resembling grapes both in individual appearance, and the fact that it grows in bunches. Some fruit become tinged with red or purple as they ripen. The fruits can be quite sweet, but tend to have a salty astringent taste, particularly when not fully ripe. The plants grow in areas close to the sea.
food, plant
sea grapesea grapesea grapesea grapesea grape
danni Oct 06, 2011
good this helped me alot
mary Feb 02, 2015
great info
Surge-Cess Jun 09, 2015
I've had this in Guyana before, but it was probably imported from one of the other islands.
pat Jan 28, 2016
I am so glad someone else knows about this fruit, because when I speak about it people look at me in disbelief, yes it grows in Essequibo, Guyana, my great aunt had a tree in her yard which was near the ocean, when the grapes are ripe they turn that wine colour inside and out and the texture of the skin is similar to that of an apricot, with one seed. Very Delicious.
Keisha Aug 28, 2016
Oh these are awesome, I love them loads couldn't had enough until visited the Caymans OMG
cgodet Jan 29, 2020
These grow in The Bahamas. I grew up eating them there. They are found mostly near the beaches
Doro Mar 10, 2020
There are lots of them in Tobago. But difficult to find the sweet ripe ones on the trees before someone else ;)