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soursop fish
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Any of several types of spiny blowfish or pufferfish that inflate and expand their bodies when threatened.
balloon gut
animal, food
soursop fishsoursop fish
Tanya Aug 09, 2015
Say something. Keep it civil.I love it
Latoya Sep 29, 2015
I just saw some soursop fish for the first time on the North Coast of Trelawny, Jamaica. I like.
david Mar 04, 2017
Saw one in Dec 2016 at Half Moon Beach in Hanover Jamaica!
Kat Jul 30, 2017
Isn't this fish totally poisonous ?
susan Jun 27, 2018
saw a dead one on the beach in Bayahibe Dominican Rep a few days ago.
Karon Feb 26, 2019
I catch a soursop fish last night in port maria
Lacy Apr 05, 2019
Allison Gayle May 24, 2019
I have eaten it
Allison Gayle May 24, 2019
It was ok
CHC Mar 04, 2020
Saw a Soursop fish at White House for the first time. It's an ugly brute. CHC with Symz and friend
Crow Aug 21, 2020
Is it edible
Peter May 29, 2021
My mother's specialty was to half-boil, pick out spines, and curry. This was served up with roasted- turned breadfruit#sugar#nice!!!