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stinkin toe
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Bukut. The fruit and tree of Casia Grandis. It is considered an effective natural remedy for anemia.
stinkin toe
Hymenaea courbaril (Jatobá or Guapinol or Algarrobo) is a tree and fruit common to the Caribbean, Central, and South America. It is a hardwood that is used for furniture, flooring and decorative purposes. Its sap is utilized in perfumes and varnishes. It is known for it's malodourous fruit which has a hard shell protecting edible pulp.
food, fruit, plant
stinkin toe
james hayter Oct 06, 2014
connor collerannn Oct 06, 2014
nahh matee stinkyy
Janine Hogan Dec 02, 2014
Hello! I would love to use this photo on my show on The Travel Channel. Please email me at Thank you!
blessing Kerisha Apr 16, 2015
you guys are weird if u haved lived here u would know that it's not bad.
Carol Jul 06, 2015
It has a very high smell but I wouldn't say that it is stink. But that's the name I know it as too, Stinking Toe. I don't llike the powdery kind of sticky feel to it my mouth. Not my favourite fruit.
Pastrol Sep 07, 2015
It makes for stinky flatulence! As a young boy, we used to eat lots of it for school the next day!
Middleton Nov 14, 2015
In Jamaica the fruit called "stinking toe" sometimes Locust John the Baptist ate in the wilderness is about 6"x 3" in a very hard brown shell which we would break with a hammer or a rock.Inside were fairly large seeds surrounded by a yellow powdery smelly dust.Kind of sticky in the mouth.Picture shown above is not the jamaican fruit.
Middleton Nov 14, 2015
Second picture is the jamaican fruit. First photo is cassia which I did not know was edible we used then like maracas as the rattled nicely when dry.
Renisha Apr 05, 2016
Grenadians say "stinkin toe" too
Rose Apr 19, 2016
Where can u purchase stinking toe
Rose Apr 19, 2016
Where can u purchase stinking toe
Jillarina Jun 03, 2016
To be exact, we call it tinkin toe.👍😂
taylor Jun 15, 2016
Just learn that it's good for the kidney so I'm trying it.
Nadia Jul 13, 2016
love me some stink toes😌
Anne Jul 28, 2016
Yeah...we call it locust in Nevis
Paul Sep 13, 2016
Love it as a kid
ravendarlin Nov 21, 2016
In Dominica we call is Shack Shac'
ravendarlin Nov 21, 2016
Oops nevermind wrong thing...those stink....
Ann Mar 16, 2017
I Love bukut, wish I could get it here in Chicago.....I look forward every summer to go home to Belize and enjoy😀👌
Sherlene Apr 27, 2017
As we speak i am drinking a glass of bukut juice with milk very tasty and is beneficial for those with anemia and liver problems.
VOUKA Jun 23, 2017
Jomo Nov 08, 2018
In Vincy we call it jumbie tolo
Marcelle Harris Feb 17, 2019
Loved it
walter Apr 28, 2019
In Bluefields, Nicaragua we have a variety of stinking Toe
Mark Headley Oct 24, 2019
This was found behind our house ,it has a sticky feeling to it,and gave off a pungent smell.
Mweh mem May 13, 2020
What boy shak shak i does call dat