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suck suck
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A homemade frozen pop popular with children. It is made by pouring mixed drinks into small transparent plastic bags, tying the bags to seal them, and freezing. They are normally consumed by sucking a small hole bitten in one corner of the bag.
suck suck
Monica Maclean Mar 02, 2014
Never heard of this. A well known drink Vincentians used to like was Marby, which was a bark boiled for hours in water, it was so bitter that a whole bag of sugar could be added to it to sweeten, but it was still bitter. One of the reasons I think my Mother became Diabetic.
trini4lyfe Mar 08, 2014
I know it as suck-a-bag. Back in my school days I remember buying it at school. Think it was like 25c if not mistaken. @Monica Maclean the drink is called Mauby. It is made from bark, but isn't as bad as you made it out, or maybe your mom preferred it to be very bitter.
jason Sep 19, 2014
Suck a bag had this back in the late 80's in school oh man that name sounds so funny
Monique Sep 22, 2014
In Barbados called a "suck-a-bubbie"
lovinia Jan 06, 2015
Snow ice and it was 25 cents
ginger Jan 07, 2015
ginger is a must
Sham Mar 13, 2015
Bag Juice
Belna Jan 16, 2016
Flutee - frozen in ice cube blocks in a cup - shave ice
Brittney Tilley Mar 29, 2016
It called suck suck in Jamaica
Bobzy Sep 13, 2017
Bag juice
B1 Feb 01, 2018
Suck a bubbie
Danae Nov 17, 2018
Suck Suck is what Jamaican call it
Tasha Dec 15, 2018
Suck a bubbie
Javed Francis Apr 23, 2019
Donkey years since I had this. I heard people call it bag-sicle sometimes but I knew it as a suck suck.
Rootz N Stush Apr 26, 2019
We called this SUCK SUCK
Patricia Sep 07, 2019
Suck suck . It's a Jamaican thing.
SUZIE B'S SEWS LLC Jun 02, 2021
It's called suck suck... Bag juice is different from suck suck.
Name Sep 03, 2021
Suck Suck