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sweat rice
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A ritually prepared meal of rice intended to trap (tie) a man in a romantic relationship. Women prepare the meal by cooking rice and squatting over the steaming pot allowing the mix of condensation and bodily juices to "sweat" into the rice.
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sweat rice
CJL Nov 30, 2013
Allison E Daniels Jun 21, 2014
Channel rice!
schwana man Oct 22, 2014
It's a common tradition in haiti especially from what I hear.
AKKS Apr 25, 2015
Weh di ass?!?!?!?
Richard John May 29, 2015
LMAO I love the variety on this site
ferge Jun 15, 2015
this is hilarious
Trinigal Aug 03, 2015
Squatting over steam is also a so-called remedy for inducing labour! Who the hell thinks of these things!?
candytt Aug 11, 2015
no comment
Eboni Fiyah Nov 13, 2015
...isn't it the same juices he getting when he eat you out? Spare me the heat please.
Sagaboy Nov 18, 2015
im looking at this comments believe this is true ask any old timer from back home they do this for real and it has woked...
Lmfao. Why squat over Nov 19, 2015
Cheers to the women that don't need to do that shit to hold their man. I was told about this and I didn't know what it was until now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚lmao
Magaman Dec 10, 2015
Wah de A$$ is right!!! All I know is Trini Women REAL good in the Kitchen glad them never cook fuh me first doh! But if a man would tek food from a woman he don't like she already got he.
Vanessa Mar 02, 2016
sunii Mar 25, 2016
Lmao..I've never heard of this before
Leanie Mar 25, 2016
Lol May 02, 2016
I heard about it from this channel on youtube name lexo tv .
John mon Jun 08, 2016
Lizzy Jun 09, 2016
I always thought sweet rice was rice cooked with granulated sugar.....never ate it but heard of to hear it's when a woman steams her va-jay jay over it is just madness
Sheemz Jun 22, 2016
Lizzy it's not sweet rice it's sweat rice
peekaboobaby Jul 15, 2016
Some Caribbean men aren't accustom to eating pum, so that's why you would sweat the rice. Also why I don't want my man eating food I didn't make.
Horny-coco Feb 20, 2017
Never heard of this make me laugh lol πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Baby gal Feb 21, 2017
Who does ''tis thing it's madness. I keep my man with out this sweat rice. Come on man
Kacy Adams Feb 21, 2017
Jah knw in this life mi say, it keep surprising mi how can cirtain people do this
Bobzy Feb 21, 2017
That's too much salt for one person
Bobzy Feb 21, 2017
That's too much salt for one person
Grace Feb 22, 2017
I just saw this on @jaiifrais page on instagram
Brown Feb 23, 2017
Amanni Feb 23, 2017
Lmboooooooo it works tooo! Fellas be careful !
Bellamy Feb 24, 2017
Freaky dick Feb 25, 2017
It a kind & friendly Person from Grenada, West Indies #Greenz
Freaky dick Feb 25, 2017
What the hell #Lmao
Makeisha Mar 05, 2017
Ewwwww... What The Hell?!? So He Ain't Tasting That Juice When He Eating You Out Huh...
Makeisha Mar 05, 2017
Ewwwww... What The Hell?!? So He Ain't Tasting That Juice When He Eating You Out Huh...
Iris Mar 05, 2017
Nooooo!!!! That is nasty!!!!!!! How u get up on the stove though??? And why isn't there an American flag on here?
reds Mar 26, 2017
lmao does that reallywork
Givinco May 11, 2017
Edith Jul 01, 2017
da pure fockry.
Shera Jul 15, 2017
That's crazy
Daffy Duck Jul 24, 2017
Jane Sep 17, 2017
I squat den my man put face under den we both eat sweat rice we fall both love
Robert Nov 12, 2017
It cuts across all cultures and in the Spanish Caribbean its done mainly with coffee or "vajayjay water"(don't ask) as the the prime ingredient to tie the man also exists in some form or other in Southern Italy as well.
Daffy Duck 1 Nov 19, 2017
Dethspicable !!
Daffy Duck 1 Nov 19, 2017
Cyber Feb 22, 2018
Cyber Feb 22, 2018
Troll saint Feb 23, 2018
Wtf!!! Mehn you'll must be crazy thinking this is cool.
Syntax error Feb 23, 2018
I came to read comments.
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drdaddy Feb 23, 2018
LMFAO Feb 24, 2018
I saw that on FB a while ago and I came to check if that was a thing
Olivia Feb 25, 2018
Wow .
Candy Feb 25, 2018
'vajayjay water' Feb 27, 2018
what kind of obeyah is this, if you need to drip in his rice he aint for you, go get a man who wants u and stop poison the ppl dem pickney
Prince oj Mar 01, 2018
Well watch skunt hayyyyy
Nikki May 11, 2018
People do this all over the Caribbean. It IS real.
Gangland May 26, 2018
Pu$$y food
Stacy May 27, 2018
This shit is real. Grew up hearing about this .
Pedro Jun 02, 2018
One time for D.RπŸ‡©πŸ‡΄
Lee lee Jun 06, 2018
Isa Love spell lol
Ash Cash Jun 16, 2018
so i jut put the mock pan it ??
Jaime Lake Aug 31, 2018
Anne Oct 04, 2018
It can be metaphorical, meaning that a lady has mysteriously made a man love her, so incredibly, that magic must be involved.
Gotuboi Oct 22, 2018
Ehehh wah dis nastiness
Swb Oct 29, 2018
This na true.. Never hear bout this inna vincy
Keke Dec 15, 2018
What if he was the one who cooked it & I sit over it, does it still work? And how long should I sit over it?
da boss Dec 16, 2018
Jay Jay Jan 07, 2019
This shit is unsanitary cause that’s booty sweat too but how is it everyone is acting like they don’t no about β€œStay Home” they have many obeah rituals you can perform to trap a mate. I’ve never had to or ever will but there’s an even more nasty American version I heard of that involves blood, spaghetti or red beans and rice. Gotta be careful who you eat from out there, u never
Vic Feb 28, 2019
Freelancer Feb 28, 2019
This is some weird shit is that food gon taste 😩
Mia Mar 06, 2019
No american flag because its not on the list, I am from the US and I am absolutely disgusted by this. I pray no man I choose to date sees this. He may never eat my cooking.
Mya Mar 07, 2019
ZoeLando Mar 07, 2019
Y’all nasty as F*CK
René Olivierre Mar 09, 2019
Thank goodness I married a woman who doesn't engage in this filthy fuckery. Wow! This is some real juju business here!
Briana Mar 12, 2019
Nobody don’t do them things here
Jovial Mar 12, 2019
test Apr 10, 2019
testing 123
Hot stinga Apr 13, 2019