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Full of spirit and fight
wj101 Dec 12, 2011
I suspect this is a variant of the word 'stalwart'
anonymous Oct 31, 2012
talawah aslo means little but sexy
mahself Oct 14, 2014
> I suspect this is a variant of the word 'stalwart'

this is the most credible interpretation I've found of this hard-to-pinpoint term.
I thougght initially it was or indian origin, but "stalwart" seems far more plausible
good flair !
DG Aug 15, 2015
The actual meaning on the island of JA has long been "rough, tough," etc., never sexy. However, a compliment on the island may be "She little, but she talawah!"
Mike Nov 21, 2016
It means strong/courageous or successful for his/her size. I figure it to be a mash up of "tall or wuh". Eg She small but she "tall or wuh".
Jah Feb 07, 2017
Any body fram Jamaica kno seh dis iz commonly said of wi island & peeps. " WI LIIKKL BUT WI TALAWAH " . Talawah also can mean strength/strong/powerful, for person's small or " bini " as wi seh inna Ja! Dwl
Jah Feb 07, 2017
I belive word can be traced back to the akan language of South Africa. Yea mon nuh tru!
Bobzy Feb 08, 2017
Akan isa blanket term used to refer to the Akan language spoken in  south central, Ashanti Province; Akuapem are southeast, north of Accra; Fante are south central, between Winneba, Takoradi, and obuasi
julia Feb 09, 2017
Bobzy Jul 12, 2017
Akan language spoken in (Ghana/Ivory Coast) which is in West Africa.
Tallawah Sep 09, 2017
adj. sturdy, strong, fearless, physically capable. From Ewe talala
Sethu Aug 11, 2018
The word I guess has its origin coming from the Tamil (South Indian Language) word Thalaiva meaning leader or stalwart. Indentured servants from India who spoke the language might have naturalized the word.
DJ Aug 30, 2018
may be
Chas Sep 09, 2018
From research I have done, the likeliest derivation is from the English word "stalwart" of which it is a corruption. As someone else has noted, there is a very well known phrase going back over a century - "Him lickle bit but him talawah."
Mathan Aug 19, 2020
I thing that word talawah is derived from tamil language word thalaiva. In tamil language thalaiva means leader, king etc...
Alfa Nut Aug 28, 2020
Reggae big, reggae little, reggae talawah....fever talawah...Steel Pulse forever....
Venkatesh Sep 08, 2020
Thalaiva means in tamil slang is thalaivar
Makku May 24, 2021
Unlike "Tallawah", Tamill thalaiva is unrelated to Stalwart.
Joelle Mar 31, 2022
I always thought it was an arawak word
Heartbeat Sep 13, 2022
It is a Arawak word. Meaning stronge in proportion to size.