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Aunt - a person who is the sister or sister-in-law of a parent.
Bobzy Feb 28, 2017
Tantie sounds like the French word for auntie;(tante)
Jah Mar 25, 2017
It is mi boy friends family fram Haiti dem seh the same thing for Auntie
Indian gyal Jun 17, 2017
How we does say aunty in Greenz
Mitch Sep 28, 2017
That's another word for saying Aunty in Grenada
Jen Apr 02, 2019
We use tia (maroon language), tantie en tante. The English speakers use auntie and aunt.
Georgia 🐺 Brown Aug 05, 2019
It mean grandma
Clifford Sep 29, 2019
And just like Aunty it can sometimes be used for elder women in respect, friend of the family or your fave well known shopkeeper.
L Feb 20, 2021
That's another word for saying "Aunt / Aunty" in St. Maarten
Joyda Oct 30, 2021
My grandparents told me back in the day in T&T your Tantie was your either grandparents female sibling. In other words, your Great Aunt or Grand Aunt was Tantie. This was a form of respect but also to distinguish her from being your parent's sibling who was your Aunt. Over time Tantie lost its true meaning and everyone senior lady became Tantie.