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Second person plural pronoun; You plural.
okeuzo5 Nov 14, 2012
We the Igbos of Nigeria are proud that this one word from our language left our permanent stamp on some of the Carribean Creoles. This is evidence of the presence of the Igbo people among the several ethnic groups that found their new home in the Carribean.
The word "UNU" in Igbo means "YOU - plural". It is also spelt exactly the same as it is spelt in Jamaican and Belize Creoles i.e. "UNU".
Ka Chukwu gozie unu! (meaning "God bless "you-plural")
gigi_sfc Oct 15, 2013
in Sranan Tongo (creole of Suriname) it means 'WE'... weird, isn't it?
Bobzy Sep 11, 2017
Igbo kwenu!!
Ayesha Sep 09, 2019
Mi luv it
Yahanna Dec 12, 2019
Yeh mon. In Jamaica when we are talking to more than one person we address them as "unu". Example: "unu know beta" It's like saying you guys know better. Example "a unu fi do dweet" meaning "It is (a) you guys (unu) who should (fi) do it (sweet)".
Jay Toethé Jul 16, 2021
In Suriname, "unu" means "you" (plural) and "un" means "we". Please refer to the Surinamese - English dictionary and search "unu":