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wood slave
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A gecko often found in and around the ceilings of houses. The gecko makes a croaking sound.
wood slave
Joshua Oct 04, 2014
I like that wood slaves (gecko) can walk on glass.
Rennix Rhule Oct 04, 2015
Jamaica nice like curried ram goat and white rice.
Kwan Oct 28, 2020
They does sticc on your skin mehboy. When you see them in your house kill de rass.
Miss K Feb 12, 2021
Wood slaves are good luck, beside being a chemical-free solution for ridding a home of roaches, spiders, crickets, etc.. Insecticides cause cancer, and even those that are "safe" today will be avoided when we eventually "discover" their side effects. By then our natural insect controlling friends will be extinct, thanks to greedy, know-it-alls. Remember DDT!