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Second person plural pronoun; You plural.
SilentR Jul 22, 2008
mmm trying to figure out how this would be used in a sentence structure...wunna
SilentR Jul 22, 2008
Oh wait a minute, its the same thing as 'unnu'.. So wunna goh dung dere?
jumbee Jul 22, 2008
yeah, that's the right usage.
chris Jul 23, 2008
yeah, wunna usin it right. Bajan people talk funny.
Brafick Nov 02, 2009
To every body somebody else talk funny.
PD Apr 30, 2010
similar to West African "una"
Mobaygyrl Mar 24, 2011
very correct@PD and the issue is that we dont realize that when we use our west indian speech we tend to use African grammar. You cant always consider using an African word in an English structured sentence.
okeuzo5 Oct 25, 2012
Greetings! I believe that the "Jamiekan Langwij Yunit" (Jamaican Language Unit) and the "Beliiz Kriol Kongsl" (Belize Creole Council) agree that the best orthography/ spelling for this word is "UNU", ie with a single "n".The origin of this word has been established as from the Nigerian language called IGBO. This same word and its variants (wuna, una etc) are found all across the Carribean and West African coast in various Creoles and pidgins. This proves the close linguistic and historical relationship of the Atlantic Creoles and Pidgins.
JSS1 Jul 25, 2016
I'm guessing that wu- mean I and nna means you.
Bobzy Sep 05, 2017
" I gine teach you a lesson. All o' wunna get out."
Bobzy Sep 14, 2017
"All de rest. a wunna gu ome"
Bukhari Jul 17, 2018
Simple mean including you and others but there are using it in africa
Usman buhari Jul 14, 2019
Refer to the people while discusse in front of two or more and wunna can't stand on is own