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Avocado. Edible pear shaped or round fruit with an egg shaped seed. The flesh is green on the outside and turns yellow closer to the seed.
food, fruit, plant
mavis May 08, 2013
zaboca has been word of the day at least two times now.
admin May 09, 2013
Sometimes the word of the day is chosen automatically.
xavier Nov 16, 2013
i hate zabocas
jarad Nov 16, 2013
i agree with u xavier
jj Apr 13, 2014
is zabocas African or Spanish i'm confused
Rampo: Oct 27, 2014
Did you know that in addition to avacado, zaboca is also called alligator pear.
Michelle Oct 20, 2015
Jj. Zaboca is Haitian Creole
samuel Dec 07, 2015
i know somebody who eat 12 zaboca in a day is name is ms g he so fat
jedson Apr 29, 2016
jedson rozamplet is a haitian boy he eat 54 zaboca in a day
Jovial Sep 04, 2016
Love love love it... How can you possibly hate avocados Don't get it
Jah Mar 02, 2017
Wi Jamaicans luv " peer " or " aligata peer "!!!
French Guiana Jun 02, 2017
Zaboca is Antillean French Creole
Rossi Sep 19, 2017
Nah. All yuh is missin out zaboca is d best so good Yankee does chop up hand fuh taste!
TS Oct 01, 2017
NS Nov 04, 2017
You all who doh like zaboca maybe doh eat it with the right things or the right way.
JVS Sep 30, 2018
In French it is Les Avocats but with the liaison and the silent trailing consonant, it is pronounced like "lezavoca" which becomes "zaboca". (Note the reference to Haitian and French Antillean Creole)
Rog Nov 30, 2018
Zaboca is most likely patois.