The Caribbean Dictionary


Previously. In the past.
To annoy.
Blighia sapida; A fruit of the soapberry family native to West Africa that was introduced to the Caribbean. It is the national fruit...
Old. Elderly.


Second person singular pronoun: him or her
An interjection used to indicate comprehension or acceptance.


To ask
Everyone - second person plural
A lead character in folk tales. He is depicted as a trickster and cultural hero. He is based largely on the spider gods of African...
Folk tale with the trickster Ananci as the lead character.
A spider
A round flat bread made from grated cassava which has been repeatedly pressed to remove the juice. For meal preparation, slices are...
A beating
Previously. In the past.
A disrespectful reply. Usually from a child to a parent or teacher.
Deep rural or country
People that think, talk and act very rural.
Any white person, particularly one in a position of power or authority.
A exclamation of surprise used euphemistically in place of the stronger profanities beginning with 'b'.
An insulting gesture where one person catches the eyes or gaze of another then turns her eyes and gaze away in an exaggerated motion
Ill feelings or intentions.
Bad manners, inappropriate and unacceptable behavior
To harass or bother
To go to the sea.
Profanity; An expletive
bag juice
Commercially produced drinks or juice packaged in plastic bags.
One addicted to cocaine or crack.
An informal title used for greeting among male friends.
Tight pants