The Caribbean Dictionary


Modifier used to convert a verb into a continuous (i.e an -ing) form.
a box a dead
A fast food meal of fried chicken and french fries.
a door
Outside or outdoors


Than; Introducing another element for comparison or reference.
Previously. In the past.
To taunt by sticking out one's tongue.
An African day name for girls born on a Thursday.


We - first person plural
We - first person plural
Everyone - second person plural
A trumpet like instrument made from an animal's horn. It was traditionally used as a Maroon communication and ceremonial tool. It was...
Pouteria caimito, a tropical tree, and its fruit originally from South America. It will grow an average of 33 feet (10 m) high, and...
To annoy.
A firefly; A beetle that produces a blinking yellow, orange, or red light via bioluminescence.
A historical maroon village, located in the hills of St. Elizabeth Parish in Jamaica, consolidated by a treaty in 1739. It is located...
A fried batter made from a mix of flour, saltfish, onions, peppers and other spices
A condiment made from fruit (often mango), vinegar, peppers, salt and mustard oil
Any hard liquor or alcoholic drink
Blighia sapida; A fruit of the soapberry family native to West Africa that was introduced to the Caribbean. It is the national fruit...
ackee and saltfish
A traditional food that is the national dish of Jamaica. It is typically prepared as a sautee of boiled ackee, saltfish, peppers,...
ackee poison
Jamaican Vomiting Sickness is a poisoning caused by ingestion of the unripe arils of the ackee fruit, its seeds, and husks. It is...
A John Canoe character that recites poetry and Shakespearean plays.
To show off or put on airs
Any of various species of large lizards
age paper
Birth certificate.
Old. Elderly.
A mean of cornmeal mush cooked in leaves.