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Fruit native to West Africa that was introduced to the Caribbean. It is the national fruit of Jamaica, and features prominently in Jamaican cuisine where it is an ingredient in the the national dish 'ackee and saltfish'. The fruit changes in colour from yellowish-green to a reddish orange as it matures. When ripe, the pods open to reveal two to three fleshy white or cream coloured arils. The arils are the only edible part of the fruit. The unripe and unopened fruit is poisonous and may cause Jamaican Vomiting Sickness.
huevo vegetal
Ovoid green fruit that grows in bunches on trees up to 30m high. The fruit typically ripen during the summer. The fruit is related to the lychee and have tight, thin but rigid skins. Inside the skin is the tart, tangy, or sweet pulp of the fruit covering a large seed. The pulp is usually cream or orange coloured.
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We don't play ackee, we eat ackee.
heeediat, is "we don't play hockey, we heat hockey"
How dem fi call guinep ackee?? Blaspheme I say... Blasssspheeeeeeme!!!
lol hahahaha seriously still 
que significa la expresin "dutty sketel"
"dutty sketel" is puta sucia
mmhhh wow beautiful fruit ^-^
Guinep and ackee are not the same, the isands that called guinep ackee dont av a sense.
^^^You don't have any sense. You need to learn to respect people culture. Wunna one not the only culture. Don't be a Bigot. Open your eyes and EXPAND your mind.
Wow..I was surprised to see that other countries in the Caribbean refer to what we Jamaicans call guinep as ackee...
Why are Jamaicans always shocked and surprised to see that they don't have the monopoly on Caribbean words?
I love that different islands call fruits by different names. Some say ackee, others say guinep. Diversity mi seh!
wait til yu fine out wha di trini dem call toto
In d republic of panama we call this fruit quenepas but Barbados Ackees live and learn I don't get it.
the pics they have before this page as ackee is what we trinis call chenet the other pics however are of real ackee
We have always called it ackee.
:/ Allyuh Chenet and Ackee are two different things.
@Bajangirl, you really call guinep, skinup, chenet.... ackee? Someone please verify.
Yes in Barbados we call ackee what y'all call guinep!!! Just like Jamaicans say "unnu" to mean y'all, we Bajans say "wunna" to mean y'all.
What is toto in Trini?
In Trinidad we call it chennete and akee is yellow with black seeds
jamaica did not invent guinep or ackee. Every country has their own language. Ackee, guinep whatever can be called shit for all I care. Its from the earth not yours.
In Dominica we call this kenip
LOL!! its ok, we're all island people, which is a blessing being that we are free. Thank God for our ancestors landing where they did. We are more than fortunate we get to call "our foods" whatever. I love it when I get to go home and pick ackee, guinep, june plum, and mango from the trees and EAT THEM!! Everyone, just respect each other, eat "your" food and enjoy... One Love!
really stupid people here, we not tied to jamaica so call it what we like. saint lucia doesn't really deal with what jamaicans call "ackee". It's not our culture.
We call this genip in St. John. Ackee a whole udder ting.
I love ackee and salt fish
In St.Lucia this fruit is commonly referred to as ackee and occasionally as chenet (which many people assume is the creole word for the fruit) however St.Lucians refering to the fruit as ackee does not mean that we are not aware of the Jamaican ackee (which is grown in st.lucia as well). It's all about island heritage
The jamaican usage of the word is the original usage. The word comes from akan language of ghana from the word akye which is their name for the fruit.also unu is from igbo unu jamaicans say it exactly like how igbos say it, that's so cool
Ackee is wonderful with saltfish or even chicken so to all the people who don't eat I you are missing out on haven. it is a delightful treat
Schupse! All de talk, I like ackee (Barbados) real bad! It too sweet.
I am confused.... why are two different fruits pictured? I left Dominica as a young child, but the green skin fruit pictured I remember calling it Kenips and the reddish/pinkish skin fruit I only learned about it after moving to Miami and it was referred to by Dominican family friends as Ackee.... so its not a debate about who calls it what, but rather what exactly the debate is about....
Because it's a common name for both s child I knew the bottom (green deliciousness) as ackee. It wasn't until I got older I realised that Jamaicans called the top pic the same thing (which they cook with saltfish, not one if my favs but who can turn down saltfish??) ...