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A dessert item similar to bread pudding that is made with flour, sugar, and some or all of the following in any combination: cassava, coco, sweet potato, cornmeal. It is cooked by wrapping the mixture in leaves or cloth and boiling.
derfla May 31, 2009
MISSPELLING TO BE CORRECTED: The 2nd word of the definition entry, above, should be "dessert" (not "desert").
Ros Feb 13, 2012
The picture looks like tamales wraped in banana leaves. I thought dukunu was wrapped in corn husks?
anonymous Feb 18, 2012
Called "pemi" (pronounced pen-me [the 'n' being silent]) in St. Lucia
yallemen Feb 26, 2012
I want eat dukunu.whare I find it
wrongone Sep 23, 2012
In Jamaica, I've only seen this wrapped in banana leaf not corn husks. The banana leaf imparts a certain flavour to the dukunu.
Sandy Nov 27, 2012
Very easy to make, North American style; instead of wraping in Banana leaves, use foil paper and cook it in a steamer. The mixture does not need any particular measurements and usually include: corn meal, grated coconut, brown sugar, butter, flour for binding, enough water or almond milk to combine to a thick consistency. Vanilla, rose water, or almond water and salt for flavouring, you may even add raisins! steam for at least one hour or until the cornmeal is cooked through and it becomes hard to the touch. Remove from steamer let cool, unwrapp and enjoy. Great with hot chocolate, or coffee or warmed in the micro wave like applie pie and eat with vanilla icecream for dessert.
Bongo Natty Nov 29, 2012
You can get Dukunu in Miami ,Florida at FANCY LOAF BAKERY 305-249-7225
wyvern Nov 30, 2012
Whe yu get banana leaf from?
bajgal May 06, 2013
know is Barbados as conkies..
bajgal May 06, 2013
sorry, that should be "known in Barbados as conkies"
admin May 07, 2013
It already has conkies as a synonym bajgal.
PJ Oct 17, 2013
It's called paime in Trinidad
Jewjew Beed Mar 18, 2014
It's called Ducana. Thaw spelling is incorrect.
anni Apr 10, 2015
it is spelled ducana and it is not a dessert (at least not in my family)
patsy Dec 07, 2015
its calle blue draws in jamaica and is a dessert
M Mar 08, 2016
Pemi and ducana are different. Pemi is usually made with coconut, milk, cornmeal, (and you can add some raisins if you want). While ducana is made mainly with sweet potato.
Ducunu Jan 27, 2017
Not a desert for us. We eat it with stew chicken for lunch
Ducana Oct 28, 2017
From Akan: doko na sweeten mouth Twi: boiled maize Ga: Adangme dokona
sunshine Aug 09, 2018
the spelling is correct and it's made with fresh grind corn and cornmeal and wrap in corn husk.or for the people without corn hush they wrapped it in foil...
Carol Wong Apr 09, 2019
Jamaican Blue Drawers, Duckunoo, or Tie Leaf are the names that are given to this boiled pudding of West African origin. Jamaicans are very fond of this starchy, green banana-based boiled pudding, which is enjoyed as a snack or dessert.