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Nosy. Inquisitive. Showing excessive curiosity about the affairs of others.
brisk, evenup, faas, metteh
Kira Simmons Aug 13, 2016
Ya too damn macoious ! Ya does maco to much !
Kira Simmons Aug 13, 2016
Or Yuh too damn macoious ! Dat gyul does maco real plenty boy!
Zoe Aug 25, 2017
i'm a maco :(
rae ann sampson Sep 27, 2017
trini people like too rel maco
Name Jul 07, 2019
Alyuh like to maco eh
vanessa Nov 03, 2019
allyuh dus rel maco , eh ? come inside and mine yuh business !
Denesh Jan 23, 2020
Lol in allyuh still gone maco in 2020?
Depressed Jul 21, 2020
My mum called me a maco;(
MiguelAngel Oct 23, 2020
Google eyes ..,maco..,owl eyes
IM CRAZAY May 09, 2021
Allyuh, meh brodar is a maco
Bobby Sep 11, 2021
Maco,macco,makko,mako,Marko verb/noun-Gossip; peep at;look at something that is supposed to be private. Someone that is overly curious about other people's affairs.
Angel Adams Feb 10, 2022
somebody that like mind people buisness / some u fast