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rose apple
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A yellow fruit with crisp flesh and a large hollow cavity containing a single seed. The fruit has a strong fragrance reminiscent of rose water. The trees tend to grow in shaded valleys and close to rivers.
rose applerose applerose apple
jenny Nov 09, 2012
These things smell nice, but smell really strong.
wyvern Nov 13, 2012
After you eat three rose apple you never want to see another one as long as you live. Dem cliding.
phyllis johnson Jun 22, 2013
would love to have some seeds.reminds me of being in MIAMI IN 1945
Andrew Gonzales Jul 26, 2015
Fully ripe, it strongly sweet, but pleasantly aromatic. Eaten when it is half-ripe, the taste reminds me of an almost ripe Guava. Wish my American children could have had some, so that they could fully appreciate, "where my navel string bury." Sep 11, 2015
I always thought this was the same as lychee.
Jim Dodds Nov 08, 2015
Hey! I remember these from Miami too. Left in 1967. Live in Vermont now, USA...
Bobby Jul 10, 2016
I think I had this when I was a younger.
Marcel May 31, 2017
Pomme rose
Leonel Mar 25, 2019
Rose apple is a sweet fruit...can't get enough of it!